New IP Cameras: 5MP Active Deterrence with Uniview Triguard Technology & Easystar 6MP Turrets

Ative Deterrence Camera and 6MP Easystar Turrets


We are pleased to announce the availability of new Micron IP Cameras. We now have available a 6MP Turret in Fixed and Variable Focus formats. A black variant is also available for the fixed lens option. Please note that the IPC5T Starlight camera is now End-of-Life and the IPC6TA is the replacement. It features Easystar low-light technology from UNIVIEW and is a great value 24/7 camera option.


easystar lowlight technology


We are also introducing a 5MP Active Deterrence Camera. The IPC5TAD features UNIVIEW Tri-Guard Technology that integrates Intrusion Detection, ColorHunter and Active Deterrence on a single device.

Active deterrence activates when a person enters the camera view. The strobe light activates (IR, Warm Light or Dual Light Mode) and the built-in speaker produces an alarm sound or can use a pre-recorded message.


uniview triguard technology


ColorHunter technology turns on the warm Led light and delivers a crisp, colourful image in very low-light conditions. For extremely dark environments it has an additional light. The camera has a low luminosity sensor of 0,003 Lux.

The illustration below shows the Uniview ColorHunter technology capabilities.


ColorHunter Uniview


Thanks to this dual-light design, the camera can capture more details and improve the accuracy of intelligent intrusion prevention at night. In addition, the camera’s built-in microphone and speaker facilitate remote 2-way audio.


Two-Way Audio - Uniview/Micron Active Deterrence Camer


Visit the product pages for further specifications and datasheets.

IPC5TAD 5MP Active Deterrence Camera

IPC6TA 6MP Easystar Fixed Turret

IPC6TAB 6MP Easystar Fixed Turret (black)

IPC6TAF 6MP Easystar Motorised AF Turret